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Stacey, Joy, Michael and Mike {family session}

This shoot is a very special family session for me. I have to admit I got a bit teary eyed working on it and writing this. It’s a shoot that has been long in the making and so glad the planets aligned, schedules freed up and NO RAIN! Stacey is one of my best friends and I have known her for quite a few years. Most of you may know her as the other half of my photography business. Adam knows her as my sister by name relation ;) but now by how close the two of us are. Stacey helped me get SMS Photography going by being an enthusiastic friend, assistant, encourager and supporter. She came to work with me for quite a few years and we had a blast along the way. Some of my brides know her as Stacey-E or just us as the Stac(e)y’s or Stacy squared! She recently got engaged and has moved to NY to seek a long time passion of living the photography dream and NY lifestyle! I couldn’t be happier for her but MAN I going to miss her. She was back in Austin for most March to be here for my wedding and probably something else, but I am pretty sure mainly for me ;) (ha!) While we have been talking about doing a family session for about 5 years, it actually seemed like this all worked out more perfectly than we could have imagined. What a better way to celebrate the next chapter of her life with her family and a little photo session. The weather was perfect and Texas hasn’t had a spring this beautiful in ages! I think it was secretly sending a grand farewell to the girl, we loving nicknamed “Texas”. I love Stacey’s family like they are my own, I know they are going to miss her, so hopefully these will help :) and all those dogs melt my heart! I am so excited for you and your journey and your wedding! NY can have you for a little but Texas will always be your home! Kick ass in NY and I love you!!!! Now go check out how cute this family is!

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  • I think you are right! Thank you with all of my heart Stacy! I love you! And I’m gonna miss you tons!! See you soon!

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