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{Liz + Greg} The wedding

So if you thought that rehearsal dinner in the last post was pretty, I hope you are blown away by this post! Understated elegance and timeless! Napa is already one of my most favorite places to vacation as it is. Really what is better than glorious weather, fabulous food and WINE! Yep, you can go to one place and have an abundance of all those things at once. Yes, I LOVE Napa. So when Liz and Greg decided to get married in Napa, I was completely on board! Then when you add on the private Beaulieu grounds, that Gina with CLINK was the coordinator and designer, Britt is her awesome assistant and that I was going to shoot with one of my best friends and amazing photographers Diana M Lott Photography! There was no doubt I wasn’t going to have a blast and get some gorgeous photos! Seriously, look at this couple!!! Beaulieu is also one of the most beautiful places I have ever photographed! It’s manicured gardens and vintage elegance is just breath taking! Paula Le Duc was the caterer and they have a garden right there on the property that was used for the fabulous menu! So now time for the photos!!!!


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  • kelsey

    great. great. great. great. great. great. great.

  • You are insanely . . . INSANELY talented. Pretty awesome that you also happen to be a really great chick!

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    overcome their reading problems, but they still could not spell well.
    I have to admit that I am a culprit of a few of these.
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    Thanks for the post. Here’s to a better-spelled 2012.

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