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{Elizabeth’s Bridal}

Liz looked fabulous! LOVE that beaded Lazarro Belt and that super cute shrug! Good thing she had it, it was a little chilly and quite breezy. We almost had a fly away veil. YIKES! But all ended well as you can see from these pics! Liz, I had such a great time with you and your mom, Kay, on this session! I’ll share some wedding photos soon!

L~ F~:
  • No, I’m not particularly soprty Not hairy enough if you do your hair black on the head and think of growing pussy hair, you must have a good dark and well grown forest, otherwise it just looks like you lack b-vitamins in your food. But otherwise, good video! Shes NOT fat, shes perfect! Not crazy feeding-style-fat, just perfect chubby like I wish more girls dared to be instead of dieting all the time.

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