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Abby + Nolan {Downtown Austin Engagement}


Abby and Nolan are getting married this fall and I am so thrilled to be their photographer! They brought their adorable boxer, Sophie, to the session and Abby’s most amazing mom, Sheryl, came as well to be dog handler and photo helper! This is the kind of couple and family that just makes you feel like family! a warm hug and smile from this couple and family will surely brighten anyone’s day! So that’s why I love my job and this wedding! :)

L~ F~:
  • Jacki, Jacki, Jacki. Okay, I think I finally stpepod being emotional!!! The photos are always fantabulous!, but the stories behind them are always that much more amazing. After I read each blurb’ on the photo, it took me right back to my wedding day only two years ago. But I think my favorite was number 11. How sad to know you never get to see your grandparents smile, and what a gift and blessing to be able to capture a few and far between moment; something to keep for the rest of a grandchild’s life! I love you, keep doing what God has gifted you with, lives are being changed.**not to mention, we both have a cool name, with a cool and unique way to spell it**

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